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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chicken Shepards Pie

This recipe Chicken Shepards Pie is a healthier version of  a beef one.   I always like to make a casserole or dish at the end of the week.  My man and I end up eating it all within a couple of days for lunch.  This recipe involves a lot of chopping and slicing {make sure you have a helper}.  Its like having a complete meal with this one dish.  It has chicken, egg, cheese, tomatoes, spinach and potatoes.  My man said"Put that on the make again list"  Im guessing its a winner:} 
{what it should look like before the potatoes and oven}



Jamie the Biker said...

My Drill Instructor like Doctor approves of Me eating healthy chicken dishes. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Keep doing what you do, Amy. It's fun to both see you work and hear your real voice through the new blog.

To second a recent tweet, it would be nice to hear what you're studying, but I understand protecting your privacy. Wiki references an old interview mentioning engineering; never enough engineers :D

Hope my thoughts bring you a smile. If so, it'd be nice if you tweeted something about "kind words," so I'd know. Until then, I'ma try out your chicken shepherd's pie [I laugh everytime I type "chicken shepherd"] to share on my next flight.

Fred said...

Excellent!!! I love! Thanks