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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Picture Necklace Holder

{What you need}
{pic is a little}
  I was having a horrible day (finding out my new niece was born today made it better:)) I still needed a creative outlet to get my mind off some things.  Making a trip to Michaels always makes me happy! I've been searching for a jewelry box I actually like, with no luck.  I purchased glue, picture frame, cool piece of paper, and some pins.  Cost me ten dollars, not bad. It looks really nice on my wall holding my necklaces!  It only took me five minutes to make.  I love it, what do you think?


Fred said...

It's very nice!!!!!!!

billet wheel said...

Even tho im a guy i do think it looks really nice...Wish i had a chick friend to make one for

billet wheel said...

Coming from a straight guy, i really like it, nothing wrong with being creative and or expressing your self