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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mix & Matching {cheap and expensive pieces}

 Today I was busy visiting with family.  It was nice but I missed the the light for my photos! Anyway, my  top and shorts I purchased at cheap stores.  Im always on the look out for items that look expensive that are cheap.  I only spent 45$! My shoes are the pricey part! they are Dior.  I got my ring in Canada it is Pylones.  I have a Coach and John Atencio bracelet on. {the other one was a gift}


woodpecker1331 said...

gorgeous as always :D nice combination of cothing and fashion u need some light for evening shots though or some falsh bouncing direct flash really kills the mood meaning it in a good way :) keep the good work comming i'd love to know about ur make-up skills im into photo i was interested in makeup training but never did too expensive lol ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm a guy so I guess I would never buy that, but it looks nice and clever idea to mix expensive with cheap. You should do a triathlon, I bet you'd look sexy in a sports outfit!

Rob@intheclubRob said...

Oh wow, Love it! the nails, ring, bracelet, shoes, the outfit, love it all. The top is a little see-thruish,can see some details of the bra. Very nice :-)