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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Favorite Somethings...

{My Fav junkfood}
{Bamboo earrings}
{Tomato Plant}
{Chanel Sunglasses}
{Bordello heels} 
 I decided to add a Favorites page.  People are always asking me "what do you eat?".  I always feel like I have to lie so girls don't hate me!LOL.. The truth is everything and anything.  Has anyone tried these new Tapito Doritos? they are heaven sent! delish.  The Bamboo earrings caught my eye on  Although I am pleased with them, I went through hell to get them.  It was a countless number of emails and a long two months before I received them! When Spring arrives, I get excited to garden.  Here is a Tomato plant I just purchased.  You cant go wrong with Chanel, its so simple and classic.  Thinking about wearing my bright red Bordello heels tomorrow! we will see, stay tuned for that..I picked these up at Kat Von D's shop in Hollywood.


woodpecker1331 said...

lol i would sweat my body water off with those doritos :D love tomatoes though and those glasses if weared by miss amy :D loved the sharing really love u did this blog :D

Anonymous said...

I love Yoo Hoo! TheBiker